Three Charged after Man Beaten and Robbed in St. Paul

Three men are charged with first-degree aggravated robbery after reportedly beating and robbing a man in St. Paul on Saturday night and then fleeing the scene.

Ahmed Farah Roble, Walid Abdirahman Mohamud, Khadar Abdi Isse

Three men are each facing a charge of first-degree aggravated robbery after reportedly beating and robbing a man in St. Paul on Saturday night and then fleeing the scene.

Just after 11 p.m. on Saturday, a scanner incident social media page posted on Facebook that Minneapolis police dispatch had aired an alert to officers in the city’s 2nd Precinct that a vehicle involved in a St. Paul robbery was headed westbound on University Avenue from Prior Avenue toward the Minneapolis border. The vehicle was described in the post as a red Impala occupied by three black males ages 25 to 30.

Approximately 20 minutes later, just before 11:30 p.m., the page reported that a Minneapolis Police K9 unit had spotted the vehicle in the Midtown Exchange area of south Minneapolis, which is on the 2900 block of Chicago Avenue South, and that the vehicle was occupied by three people. The post stated that the squad pulled over the vehicle near 27th Avenue South and that several squads had responded. A few minutes later, the page reported that a gun had been recovered.

The three men were subsequently identified in a report about the charges as Ahmed Farah Roble, 26, Walid Abdirahman Mohamud, 23, and Khadar Abdi Isse, 26. Roble and Mohamud listed booking addresses in south Minneapolis, both less than a mile from the location where they were arrested, and Isse listed an address in St. Paul.

The report said that the assault took place near the 500 block of North Prior Avenue, in the Union Park neighborhood of St. Paul, as the man exited his vehicle to walk to a location nearby. The victim told police that the three men approached him and told him that he had something that belonged to them. When the victim replied that he didn’t know what they were talking about, they began to punch him and one of the attackers flashed a handgun.

The suspects took the man’s wallet, but he was able to note the license place of the red Impala as the suspects left the area.

The report stated that the victim identified Roble as the person who took his wallet, Isse as the assailant who repeatedly punched him, and Mohamud as the man who flashed the gun. Police later found a Colt .380-caliber handgun on the floorboard in the squad where Mohamud had been sitting following his arrest. Mohamud also reportedly had the man’s driver’s license and medical cards on him, according to the charging documents the report said.

The three suspects made their first court appearances on Tuesday. Court records show that all three were granted public defenders and are being held on $40,000 bail each. Roble and Isse are scheduled to make their next court appearances on March 18 and Mohamud is scheduled to appear on March 23.

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