Sex for Cash Arrangement Leads to Armed Robbery, Four Charged

Four people have been charged with armed robbery after a planned tryst turned sour leaving the victim handcuffed and without his wallet, cell phone and vehicle.

Kayla Rose Sibila and Mario Juan Ricardo Valtierra

Four people have been charged with armed robbery after a planned tryst turned sour leaving the victim handcuffed and without his wallet, cell phone and vehicle. Three of the suspects are still wanted on warrants, according to court documents. 

The Anoka County criminal complaints against the four state that police were called to the Wingate Hotel on the 3400 block of Northdale Boulevard Northwest in the city of Coon Rapids, MN on March 21 just before 1 a.m. on a report of a robbery.

When police arrived, they spoke to the male victim who told police he had been at the hotel visiting Kayla Rose Sibila, 20, with whom he had a prior arrangement to provide her with financial assistance in return for sex.

The victim told police that while he was in the room, three or four males came into the room and that two of them had guns. The victim was ordered to give up his wallet, keys, cell phone and bank passwords and he was left handcuffed to a light fixture when Sibila and the other suspects left the room. The victim eventually broke free and went to the front desk to call police. He also found that his vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot, the complaint stated.

Police were able to identify the males from surveillance video as Mario Juan Ricardo Valtierra, 28, of Robbinsdale, Huy Duc Vu, 46, of Brooklyn Park, and Alonso Lopez-Sosa, 25, of St. Michael. Sibila, of Northeast Minneapolis, is seen on video interacting with Lopez-Sosa and Vu at different times prior to the robbery, and just prior to the robbery Lopez-Sosa is seen going toward the room with Valtierra. Following the robbery, Lopez-Sosa was captured on camera getting into the victim’s car and driving away. Vu is seen getting into the vehicle a short time later.

Search warrants were subsequently obtained for Vu’s and Valtierra’s Facebook accounts where investigators found messages between the two giving the room number and discussing the return of a gun from Valtierra to Vu. Investigators also found a video of the robbery on Valtierra’s account. In the video, Valtierra is seen holding the gun to the victim.

All four suspects have been charged with one felony count of first-degree aggravated robbery. Sibila and Valtierra have each been charged with an additional felony count of simple robbery, and Valtierra has a third charge of second-degree aggravated robbery.

Valtierra was arrested several days later on March 26 and remains in custody on $20,000 bail. His next court appearance on the robbery charges is scheduled for May 20. Valtierra is currently wanted on a felony warrants out of Ramsey County for fifth-degree narcotics, an open case, and Dakota County for theft, a probation violation. 

Valtierra was just convicted in January in the Dakota County felony theft case, but was granted a stayed sentence by Judge Vicki Taylor. He was alternatively sentenced to 14 days already spent in jail and was released on probation. Valtierra was also convicted in two felony narcotics cases in Hennepin County in August, and, again, was granted stayed sentences in both cases by Judge Lisa K. Janzen. Valtierra also has a 2018 Hennepin County conviction for terroristic threats for which he received a stay-of-imposition from Judge Fred Karasov.

Currently, Sibila, Lopez-Sosa and Vu are all wanted on warrants related to the Coon Rapids robbery charges. Sibila is also wanted on a Scott County felony warrant for narcotics for possessing 50 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine. Their whereabouts are unknown, according to court documents.

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