Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Passes Ordinance to Limit Renter Screening by Landlords

The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously approved an ordinance on Sep. 13 that will not allow landlords to conduct tenant screenings on potential renters.

The Minneapolis City Council calls it the “renters protection ordinance.” It prevents landlords from denying applicants with a misdemeanor that is older than three years, a felony that is older than 7 years, and any other serious offenses that are older than 10 years.

Along with this, landlords are also not allowed to use credit scores alone during the screening process and have a new cap on security deposits at one month’s rent.

One Minneapolis landlord spoke out at the Sep. 13 city council meeting saying that “The ordinance does nothing to address the underlying problem that Councilman Jenkins raised which is, we just need more affordable housing,”

The new ordinance goes into effect in the city of Minneapolis on June 1 of 2020.


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