Columbia Heights Man Charged in Home Invasion While Woman was Bathing

A Columbia Heights man with several recently stayed felony convictions, as well as another pending home invasion case, has been charged in a new home invasion case after entering a home where a woman was taking a bath and then assaulting another resident of the home.

Jacob Douglas Ives

A Columbia Heights man has been charged with three counts of first-degree burglary after entering a home where a woman was taking a bath and then assaulting another resident of the home, according to charges filed this week.

Just before 11 a.m. on Sunday, police in Coon Rapids, MN, were dispatched to a report of an unknown male inside a house on the 300 block of 106th Avenue Northwest in that city. 

When police arrived, they found a male victim with a bloody face walking toward them and a female victim waiting in a vehicle. The suspect, subsequently identified as Jacob Douglas Ives, was lying prone on the deck.

The female victim told police that she was in the bathtub when Ives appeared in the bathroom. She told police that she knew Ives only as an acquaintance. The female victim yelled to the male resident of the house to “get a bat” to get Ives out of the house.

The male victim got the bat and started to walk Ives to the door. A physical altercation ensued when the two were on the deck and Ives took the bat from the male and struck him in the head.

Ives, 27, whose address on the complaint is listed on the 4100 block of Main Street Northeast in Columbia Heights, made an initial court appearance on the new charges in Anoka County on March 31 and remains in custody on $25,000 bail.

Ives had four felony convictions in 2019, two for theft and two for motor vehicle theft. All four sentences in the four separate cases were stayed by judges Nicole J. Starr (Ramsey County) and Bethany A. Lindberg (Anoka County).

Less than five months after the most recent stayed felony sentence, Ives was charged in another Coon Rapids home invasion burglary in December. In that case, Ives is accused of entering a home on 127th Avenue Northwest and fighting with two males inside. Upon arrest, he told officers he was a “sovereign citizen.”

Ives was scheduled to make a court appearance on the charges in the December case on March 24, five days before his arrest Sunday, but that court hearing was cancelled due to the COVID-19 “pandemic event,” according to court records.

Ten days prior to his arrest on Sunday, Ives was in court in Ramsey County responding to probation violations in the two 2019 felony convictions in that county. Ives admitted to violating probation, however, he was immediately discharged from probation in both cases, again by Judge Nicole Starr, and was released from custody with note in court records that his voting rights had been restored.

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