Thursday, July 9, 2020

Dept. of Homeland Security Tells State REAL ID Extension is Not Granted

REAL ID has become a hot button issue in Minnesota, given that the state policy makers have struggled to implement the security precaution aimed...

Governor Dayton Draws Line in Transportation Bill Debate

Governor Dayton (DFL) along with Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith (DFL) announced two new proposals for transportation funding. In the past few weeks the House, Senate, and the...

Disagreements on Broadband Funding Remain

One of the most talked about issues the legislature has sought to address in the 2016 legislative session is lack of rural access to...

Government’s Fight for Child Care Provider Unionization Faces Staunch Opposition

Child care providers in Minnesota are fighting back against what they call unfair attempts at unionization.

Early support for Presidential candidates from key Minnesota politicians and players

Now that the United States presidential campaign has turned into twenty-four month spectacle, candidates work to gain early support from influential names in the political realm. Here's a look a who's been supporting whom here in Minnesota:

Alpha News Interview – Senator Rick Santorum

Alpha News asks Senator Rick Santorum his plan to top Governor Scott Walker's leading poll numbers in Minnesota....

Minnesota’s Wealth Exodus: What the Experts Have to Say About Minnesota Losing out on...

What do the experts say is causing the wealth exodus occurring in Minnesota?

Environment vs. Jobs and Republicans vs. Democrats

As committee omnibus budgets continue to make their way to the floor for votes, the legislative session continues to become more and more controversial....

Panama Papers Prompts Legislators to Act

A leak of the Panama Papers has caused some Minnesota legislators to act with the intention of ending tax avoidance.

Alpha News Exclusive Interview – Governor Scott Walker

In light of Governor Walker's recent Presidential announcement, Alpha News takes a look at our interview with the potential future President.

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