2019 Stories in Review; What’s the Verdict? Part II

This is Part II in this series reviewing the outcome of some of the crime stories published by Alpha News in 2019.

This is Part II in this series reviewing the outcome of some of the crime stories published by Alpha News in 2019.

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This article ran on April 17, 2019

Minneapolis Man Abdikadir Ayanle Ali Used Machete in Multiple Target Robberies

(Abdikadir Ayanle Ali)

Summary: Abdikadir Ayanle Ali was charged in several cases in Ramsey and Hennepin Counties for allegedly using a machete during the commission of a string of robberies or thefts at several local Target stores. He told police that he intended to use the machete to “intimidate” anyone who confronted him.

In Ramsey County, Ali was charged in four separate cases with felony first-degree aggravated robbery related to the incidents. In Hennepin County, Ali was charged in one case with felony first-degree aggravated robbery.

Outcome: In Ramsey County, Judge Joy D. Bartscher dismissed all four cases in July. In the Hennepin County case, Ali faced a jury trial on Dec. 3 and was found guilty of theft and acquitted on the robbery charge. Ali’s one-year sentence in the case was stayed in by Judge Kathryn L. Quaintance. Ali was given credit for time already served in jail and was placed on probation for a term of 3 years.

Ali received the Ramsey County dismissals and the Hennepin County stayed felony sentence even though he has several other pending cases in both counties including two cases for felony theft, other theft, domestic assault and two counts of fifth-degree assault. Some of these cases were charged subsequent the Target robbery cases being charged.

Ali is currently wanted on warrants in both Ramsey and Hennepin Counties for failure to appear at hearings in some of the above pending cases.


This article ran on Oct. 23, 2019

Career Criminal with 19 Prior Felonies Charged in Fridley Burglary

(Kurtis Ray Cornelius)

Summary: A career criminal with at least 45 prior convictions including 19 felonies was charged in a new burglary in Fridley in October. Despite having been sentenced in his prior cases to nearly 45 years in prison, Kurtis Ray Cornelius had only served just over six years incarcerated as the result of stayed sentences and being allowed to serve other sentences for separate crimes concurrently.

Outcome: Cornelius pleaded guilty to the Fridley burglary in January and was sentenced to 50 months in prison. Minnesota only requires offenders to serve two-thirds of their sentence incarcerated, so with credit for time already served. Cornelius is scheduled for release in July 2022 after serving just over 33 months.

Cornelius’ accomplice in the burglary, Casey George Rygh, pleaded guilty in January to felony second-degree burglary and is scheduled for sentencing on March 10. Another charge against Rygh involving felony fourth-degree assault against a police officer for spitting in an officer’s face after his arrest is expected to be dismissed at sentencing under the terms of a plea agreement.


This article ran on Nov. 20, 2019

Eden Prairie Robberies Deemed False and Linked to Scheme to Obtain Visas by Undocumented Immigrants

(Yuridia Hernandez Linares)

Summary: The Eden Prairie Police Department announced that a series of similar reported robberies in that city over the course of several months were, in fact, false reports and were instead linked to a scheme to illegally obtain visas for illegal aliens based on their status as alleged crime victims.

Yuridia Hernandez Linares was accused of orchestrating the scheme and was charged in Hennepin County with one felony count of theft by swindle (for receiving payment from the alleged victims on the promise of helping them get the visas as a result of their crime reports).

Outcome: Hernandez Linares pleaded guilty in January and was granted a stay-of-imposition on the felony sentence by Judge Marta M. Chou and was alternatively sentenced to probation for a term of three years.


Articles involving the following offender ran in May, October and December 2019

Minneapolis Man Charged with Armed Robbery in St. Cloud

Man Awaiting Sentencing for St. Cloud Aggravated Robbery, Charged with Richfield Aggravated Robbery

City of Richfield Scrubs Robbery Post from Police FB Page in Apparent ‘Politically Correct’ Move

(Abdimalik Hassan Abi)

Summary: Abdimalik Hassan Abi was on probation in Hennepin County after receiving a stays-of-imposition in two felony cases involving terroristic threats and narcotics when he was charged with four felonies in connection to an armed robbery in Stearns County in May, including being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

Despite Abi’s felony history and being charged in new cases subsequent to the robbery, as well as having triggered multiple probation violations and warrants as a result of the new charges and numerous failures to appear at hearings on the probation violations, Abi was offered a plea agreement in the Stearns County robbery case in August. The agreement dismissed three of the felony charges and Abi was released from custody to await sentencing after pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Ten days before Abi was scheduled to be sentenced in Stearns County, he was arrested and charged with robbery involving a gas station in Richfield.

Outcome: Abi was held in custody in Hennepin County Jail following the Richfield robbery until he pleaded guilty and was sentenced in December. Abi’s 28-month felony prison sentence was stayed by Judge Kathryn L. Quaintance and he was ordered immediately released from custody on probation for a term of three years. 

Abi was sentenced in the Stearns County case in January. Although he pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm and Minnesota statute (609.11 Subd. 5b) requires a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison for that offense, Abi’s 5-year sentence was stayed by Judge John H. Scherer. Abi was given credit for 227 days previously spent in jail and was placed on probation.

Between the time of the Stearns County robbery and the Richfield robbery, Abi was also charged in at least five other cases in four counties: three involving theft, one DWI and one trespass. In all five of those cases, Abi was given credit for time already served in jail and was released from custody.

Abi is not currently in custody anywhere in Minnesota.

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