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Alpha News Year in Review

Alpha News takes a look back at our top stories from 2015 - Happy New Year!

Gun Owners Prepare to Oppose Upcoming Gun Control Measures

Minnesota gun owners are preparing to oppose Representative Kim Norton's gun control legislation in 2016

Petition Started to Recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Cano

Citizens have organized a Recall Petition on to recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Alondra Cano after she posted the personal information of constituents critical of her participation and support of the December 23, 2015 BLM protest at MOA and MSP.

Emmer: Islamic State has “nothing to do with religion”

The freshman Congressman wants war declared on the Islamic state, but makes sure to state that the barbaric Middle East movement has "nothing to do with religion."

STOP BOLD COLD – Opposition Group to Stillwater Schools ISD 834 Elementary School Closures

After passing an operating levy in 2013 and a building bond in 2015, Stillwater Schools ISD 833 is proposing to close three elementary schools. A parent group, "STOP BOLD COLD," has formed to oppose the district's plans.

Lawmakers Question Funding UMN after Fetal Tissue Research Discovery

Some lawmakers are questioning if the University of Minnesota should receive funding in the upcoming bonding year after hearing about Alpha News' discovery that the University purchased fetal parts for research.

Majority of Minnesota delegation votes “yes” on $1.1 trillion spending bill

Fiscal conservatism loses in a bipartisan spending deal that will add to the national debt, increase the number foreign workers, and pick winners and losers among American taxpayers.

Senator Cruz Delivers Rousing Speech to Hundreds at Harriet Island

Several hundred Minnesotans filled St. Paul's Harriet Island Pavilion Thursday evening to hear Senator Ted Cruz speak on his "Taking off with Ted Tour."

All Washington County 10th Judicial District Judges Recused from $96 Million Bond Case

The contested election of the $96 million bond question hinging on five contested ballots has first delay: all 10th District Judges have recused themselves from the case since the Washington County Court Administrator was on the canvassing board.

63-year old transgender man sues Minnesota taxpayers to have his breasts removed

Democrats tried unsuccessfully last session to have the law changed to require Minnesota's Medicaid program to pay for sex reassignment surgery. Now a lawsuit has been filed to force state taxpayers to fund the elective surgery.