Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dept. of Homeland Security Tells State REAL ID Extension is Not Granted

REAL ID has become a hot button issue in Minnesota, given that the state policy makers have struggled to implement the security precaution aimed...

MN College Baseball Teams Barred From Competing in National Tournaments in NC

Minnesota baseball teams are barred from playing in the NCAA Division II national baseball tournament and National Junior College Athletic Association Division III World Series...

Disagreements on Broadband Funding Remain

One of the most talked about issues the legislature has sought to address in the 2016 legislative session is lack of rural access to...

Environment vs. Jobs and Republicans vs. Democrats

As committee omnibus budgets continue to make their way to the floor for votes, the legislative session continues to become more and more controversial....

DFL Senators Renew Push to Speed-up Voting Rights for Felons

DFL Senators in Minnesota are once again attempting to speed up the right to vote for felons. On Tuesday an amendment that was added...

MN Company Seeking to Protect Power Grid From Grave Threats

A Minnesota based company is making a difference in the fight to secure the power grid.

Minnesota’s Wealth Exodus: What the Experts Have to Say About Minnesota Losing out on...

What do the experts say is causing the wealth exodus occurring in Minnesota?

Panama Papers Prompts Legislators to Act

A leak of the Panama Papers has caused some Minnesota legislators to act with the intention of ending tax avoidance.

Is the GOP in Need of a Panic Button?

Tuesday's speech at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs was anything but normal. This long-time Republican and former White House staff member had some harsh words for the GOP:

Dayton Calls for Cessation of “Nonessential” Travel of State Employees to North Carolina

Governor Dayton banned all state "nonessential" travel to North Carolina, causing some citizens to question why the state is involved in any "nonessential" travel in the first place.