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Minnesota GOP Pre-Super Tuesday Caucus Rallies & How to Find Your Caucus Location

Super Tuesday is March 1. Find a rally to attend and your caucus here.

Government’s Fight for Child Care Provider Unionization Faces Staunch Opposition

Child care providers in Minnesota are fighting back against what they call unfair attempts at unionization.

Father of Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Visits Twin Cities

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz, visited the Twin Cities this past weekend to stump for his son...

What You Should Know About the Black Lives Matter Movement

Alpha News takes a look in to the history and goals of the Black Lives Matter movement

Protesters Tell Yiannopoulos Supporters to Kill Themselves PLUS Full Milo Interview

Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos and author Christina Hoff Sommers spoke to students at the University of Minnesota about the third wave of feminism and political correctness. Some protesters outside of the event told Milo supporters to kill themselves, and suggested they should have been aborted.

Marco Rubio Rallies 1,600 Minnesota Supporters

GOP Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio drew an estimated 1,600 supporters to his Minneapolis, Minnesota rally on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016.

Students Push for Divestment at University of Minnesota

Last week the Students for the Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities released a statement calling for divestment from companies profiting off of human rights violations and violations of international law.

Marco Rubio Gains Multiple Big-Name Minnesota Endorsements

Rubio has earned the enorsements of 4 Minnesota political power brokers, but will it matter?

Reparations: the Black Lives Matter Movement’s Ultimate Goal?

What are the motives/objectives behind the Black Lives Movement? Are the protests organized against police brutality the "Trojan Horses" that mask the true goals of #BLM?

Black Lives Matter Calls Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton “A White Supremacist”

Black Lives Matter St. Paul calls Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D) a "white supremacist," posts demands and threatens to "shut down" the Red Bull Crashed Ice St. Paul 2016 event, which draws crowds of 100,000+ people, if the demands aren't met.