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House Republicans Get Bad Marks on Score Card

Liberty Minnesota gives legislators poor grades for voting on "pork-filled" omnibus bills.

University union workers want 5% annual raises, already getting 4% over next 2-years

University Union members returned to the bargaining table yesterday seeking higher pay and better benefits.

BREAKING: University of Minnesota Fetal Tissue Purchases

Alpha News contacted the University of Minnesota on September 2nd after discovering online records of purchase orders with "Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc." listed as a vendor. Fetal body parts purchased for University research include: 16-24 week fetal pancreas, 16-22 week fetal lung, 2nd trimester fetal liver and thymus.

Mayor Hodges to Obama: Minneapolis will welcome Syrian refugees

Minnesota's already in the top 20% nationally for refugee resettlement, but the Minneapolis Mayor is urging President Obama to take in more Syrian refugees. She says Minneapolis is ready to step up and "make room for thousands more."

U of M Professor tries to explain statistics to Almanac hosts

Before we debate, can we get the numbers straight? University of Minnesota Professor Sam Myers computed the numbers of the recent American Community Survey and concludes that blacks are not better off in Mississippi than they are in Minnesota.

Speaker John Boehner Steps Down

Speaker John Boehner announced to staff Friday morning that he will be stepping down from his position as Speaker of The House

More Somali daycare fraud in Minnesota, could abuse have been prevented?

How did a former taxi-cab driver and short-term halal grocery store operator, with long list of court cases, get licensed to operate a daycare center? And how was the center allowed to still operate after the fraud was discovered?

Will The Working Families Agenda Actually Hurt Working Families?

The Working Families Agenda in Minneapolis is pushing for changes to help low-income workers, but some fear these changes will actually hurt families by costing more jobs.

Million-dollar buses for Duluth

It will cost taxpayers $7.5 million to purchase six electric buses and charging stations in Duluth. The technology promises to save money in the long run.

Muslim teen boxer fights to wear Islamic-garb in Duluth Tourney

A 15-year-old girl from Oakdale, Minnesota wants to fight in a boxing tournament that begins tomorrow in Duluth. She hasn't registered, but that hasn't stopped her from working with CAIR to change the rules and allow her to fight in Islamic-attire.