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BLOG: Bathroom bill fails in Senate, Democrats to introduce taxpayer-funded sex-change operations

Sen Dibble and other Senate Democrats will be introducing new legislation tomorrow. Senate File 2141 would require taxpayers to pay for sex-change operations and sex-change drugs under Medical Assistance, which is Minnesota’s Medicaid program. Currently the law states that sex-reassignment surgery is not covered. The words “unless medically necessary” would be added to the current law and new language added to provide hormone drug coverage.

BLOG: The cost of driving in Minnesota will go up under plan passed...

The Minnesota Senate voted yesterday to pass their transportation bill which mirrors Governor Dayton's plan to spend $11 Billion on roads, bridges, and public transportation. The 6.5% wholesale gas tax has been receiving the bulk of attention, which would put Minnesota in the top five in the nation for fuel taxes.

BLOG: Getting 16-year-olds pre-registered to vote moves ahead

In February, Alpha News reported on House File 391 sponsored by Rep Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, which would allow for all Minnesota 17-year-olds to...

BLOG: Two Lakeville legislators propose a simpler plan for tax relief

The widely-advertised GOP House tax plan promises to "give it back" to 2 million Minnesotans in the form of a variety of targeted tax credits...

$20 million proposed for Snowbate program has bipartisan support, despite recent legislative auditor report

A bill at the Capitol would pump $20 Million into the Snowbate program which currently provides tax rebates for production companies to make movies and commercials in Minnesota.

Alpha News Update: April 22nd

Republican leaders propose returning the surplus with tax credits, a Woodbury resident doesn't want a new $485 million transit way and the unusual funding of the new Senate office building brings new amendments.

BLOG: Senate obligates taxpayers to pay millions to rent $90 Million senate office...

The hot topic of the new Minnesota Senate office building is back. On Monday, during a Senate floor session, amendments were introduced and defeated to address the cost of the project. The building and parking lot have been estimated to cost taxpayers $90 million. What many Minnesotans don't know is the unusual way the project was funded which obligates taxpayers to rent the space back from the state government.

BLOG: House Republicans Reveal Variety of Tax Credits

The Republican House announced their tax plan over the weekend. The bill calls for giving back the projected $1.9 Billion state surplus—and then some-- in the form of tax credits.

Alpha News Report: Legislators React to Bonding Proposal

Last week Governor Mark Dayton issued his bonding proposal, which includes an additional $842 million for bonding projects. Hear from legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Alpha News Update: April 17th

The MN State Legislature won't support Governor Dayton's all-day pre-K plans, and a republican representative is supporting the study of a new $485 million transit way.