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VIDEO: Waterway Buffers Frustrate Farmers

Legislators and Farmers talk about the impact of the proposed legislation to make 50 foot buffers mandatory for all Minnesota waterways and drainage ditches.

BLOG: GOP House Budget over $40 Billion

Republican negotiations are beginning with a 3.4% increase from the current budget of $39.3 Billion which is a supposed starting point for negotiations with DFL.

VIDEO: Transportation Bill Update

Alpha news catches up with Senator John Pederson of St. Cloud outside the State Senate Floor to discuss the proposed Transportation Bill.

VIDEO: Alpha News Update: March 25th

Legislators push for voting rights for felons, education policy changes and a new energy plan.

VIDEO: Alpha News Update: Daycare Struggle

Daycare providers struggle to maintain a business amid constantly changing government regulations and the push to unionize.

BLOG: Waiting for the Republican House Budget Proposal, Will it hit the $40...

When Minnesota Republicans run for office, things like "cutting wasteful spending" and "efficient government" are often promised.  Generally, they are elected to serve as budget watchdogs to...

Omnibus Education Policy Bill Pushes for Testing Reform

(Saint Paul, MN) Legislators gathered this morning to discuss the omnibus education policy bill proposed. One of the key policy changes suggested addresses allowing...

BLOG: 2010 Governor Candidates, Where are they now?

Mark Dayton ended up in the Governor’s office, but where did the rest of the 2010 field land?  Where most politicians land, back working...

40 by 30 passes committee: Minnesota moves to 40 percent renewables by 2030

(Saint Paul, Minnesota) Four hours and forty-six minutes after the second meeting of the day began, Minnesota lawmakers passed the omnibus energy bill during...

VIDEO: Industrial Hemp in Minnesota?

Senator Kent Eken of Twin Valley is leading the charge to re-introduce Minnesotans to industrial hemp.